Magic Monday: Your To-Do List

“Magic Monday” posts help you start the week off right. Monday is a great day to review and regroup; if you set your mind to it, you can make this your best week yet. Thank gosh it’s Monday!

This week’s feature is a great little video from Epipheo Television. It gives us tips from productivity guru David Allen on “How to Hack Your To-Do List.”

While this video is not specifically about development, if you’re like me, the to-do lists that you use to manage your many projects at the office can sometimes get a little convoluted, losing their punch at best and derailing you for days at worst.

If the information in the video makes sense to you, you may want to check out Allen’s productivity classics: Getting Things Done, and it’s “sequel” of sorts, Making it All Work. The philosophy and methods that he describes in Getting Things Done have resonated so much with people that it has started a veritable wildfire of devotee blogs and articles. (Allen’s company, the David Allen Co., can be found here.)

What did you think of the video? Do you have to-do tips that help you stay sane? Any horror stories about out-of-control to-do lists? Feel free to share them here.


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