Webinars: March 14-March 28, 2013

webinarsI love a good webinar, and there are a ton of them out there! For those of you who aren’t familiar with them, they are seminars on a variety of topics, offered over the internet, usually with an expert speaker and a visual presentation. They’re great training for people with limited training budgets who want to know more about a particular development topic; many of them are offered for a nominal fee, and some are even free! I’ll be posting a list of them weekly; if you’re interested, follow the link for more information and to register. See my Webinars page for an ongoing listing. (NOTE: Membership may be required to access webinars.)

March 14 (Thursday):

(Cost: $77.00. Presenter: Lori Jacobwith. Host: CharityHowTo.)

(Cost: $75.00 for Early Bird, $96.00 after February 28. Presenters: Lara Koch, John Overy. Host: The Chronicle of Philanthropy.)

(Cost: $69.99. Presenter: Joe Waters. Host: CharityHowTo.)

March 19 (Tuesday):

(Cost: $30.00. Presenter: Marty Martin, JD, MPA. Host: Philanthropy Journal.)

March 21 (Thursday):

(Cost: $67.00. Presenter: Lori Jacobwith. Host: CharityHowTo.)


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