Sunday Sunday Sunday: Quotes Edition

alice quoteUgh, just back from Cinefest, and too pooped to peep. The more efficient, “planny” side of me is currently teasing the flibberdegibbet part of me rather mercilessly with reminders that I could have—and should have—written this one in advance. Part of me wants to cop out in a big way. However, because this is The Daily Kylie, I will borrow from the gurus of our industry and the world at large to leave you with some inspirational quotes on this Sunday evening.

  • Fundraising is the gentle art of teaching the joy of giving. – Hank Rosso
  • Donors don’t give to institutions. They invest in ideas and people in whom they believe. – G.T. Smith
  • In good times and bad, we know that people give because you meet needs, not because you have needs. – Kay Sprinkel Grace
  • Fundraising requires both optimism and realism. Without the first, few if any gift solicitation efforts would be made. Without the second, few if any would succeed.  – Howard L. Jones
  • We should never forget that no Fundraising effort ever succeeds unless one person asks another person for money. – Andrew D. Parker Jr.
  • Fundraising is not an event; it is a process. – Edgar D. Powell
  • Fundraising opportunities will continue to exist throughout the next century. Those opportunities will equal or exceed all current experience or presently held future expectations. – Edgar D. Powell
  • Fundraising is not a right — it is a privilege and we must always honor it as such. – Henry A. Rosso
  • When we recognize that a better word for Fundraising is “friend raising,” we open limitless doors to creativity in support of our causes.   – Sue Vineyard
  • Appreciation can make a day–even change a life, Your willingness to put it into words is all that is necessary. – Margaret Cousins
  • Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone. – Gladys Browyn Stern

If you have any quotes that you love and would like to share, please do. Have a great week!


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