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Funny Friday: Non-Profit Humour, the blog

Boy do I need a laugh today. And fortunately, I’ve got one! Non-Profit Humour is one of my favorites. It’s kind of like The Onion, but with more relevance to the daily grind of the nonprofit world. I have to say, the most recent post about Death being turned down for a job in a planned giving office hit the spot. Hope you like the post below (here’s the original link), and visit the site for other funnynesses.

Read on for a bit of a chortle!


Funny Friday: The Fab (Facial Hair) Four

I had the occasion to catch CBS This Morning on a recent trip (yeah, I’m not usually up that early haha). One of their features was on Henry Grossman, who has released a new book of previously unreleased photos that he took during his time with The Beatles. (Interested? It’s got a $400+ price tag). They showed several of his images, and watching the Fab Four grow up and grow facial hair was a lot of fun.

So today’s Funny Friday is a scientific (um, not really) infographic about The Beatles facial hair through the years by artist Mozzarella Poppy. Enjoy!


Funny Friday: Presidential Ham

So this is the late edition, as I almost forgot to be funny today. I’ve been on the road all day and now I’m settling in for the evening (night?).

Anyway, Presidential Ham. Learn a little history while enjoying the sheer ridiculousness of Presidential portraits featuring, well, ham.


Franklin Pierce, 14th President and fellow Pierce.

Live Blog: Funny Friday

Hey there, dear reader. Still here at Cinefest, and feeling more tired and drained than funny, but there you go.

Though Cinefest is a classic film festival, when most people think of film fêtes, they think of independent films and hipsters. So today’s selection is entitled “The Melted Mind of a Film Buff.”


As a classic film fan and one who works in a place that exhibits classic repertory films, my own melted brain is more a combination of flash title anxiety, Dippy Doo Dads, George O’Brien (sigh), abhorrence of slapstick comedy/mugging, silent movie scores, theatre organs, Frank Capra, and The “It” Girl, plus some smaller bits that haven’t been mapped yet.

What makes up your artistic and cultural brain?

Funny Friday: Hey Girl…

So yeah, it’s Friday. I hope for your sake that your week was awesome. Whether it was or whether it wasn’t, hopefully this will make you laugh.

Ryan Gosling, Arts Administrator: A website devoted to arts-administrator inside joke memes. Even if you don’t find Ryan Gosling adorable, the (generally) reader-submitted memes are still pretty amusing.


And here’s a funny article about it, too.

Happy Friday!

Funny Friday: Lunch n’ Learn

I have to let my brain rest for a bit or I’ll go insane. Today I’m pondering two of my loves, BLTs and Infographics.

The planets seemed to align when I found both my favorite sandwich and my current visual crush in one place. Thanks to webcomic Abstruse Goose for reading my mind.


Copyright Abstruse Goose. Check out the Goose’s other work here.

(A shout out also to Brenda’s Natural Foods, and Brenda’s chef Marguerite, who makes my favorite BLT of all time. Sprouted sourdough heaven.)

UPDATE: Many thanks to my friend Sam H., who subsequently brought this fabulousness to my attention.