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EXTRA: 7 Questions: Telecommuting


Thanks to Daniel Zeevi and DashBurst for this fab graphic.

For this installment of 7 questions, I’m tackling a question that a lot of people seem to have on their minds these days, as costs are rising and quality of life seems to be diminishing. In addition, I know that many of you are young professionals and sometimes juggling home, family and work is a pretty difficult circus act.

Working from home has come under fire a lot in recent years (Marissa Mayer and Yahoo! come to mind), in part because employees are not often held as accountable for their work and productivity. That said, a productive employee is a productive employee, and chances are if they are motivated enough to examine how they can be a better worker, they are motivated enough to make telecommuting work to its greatest advantage.

So without further adieu, the questions:

Read on for the burning questions.


Funny Friday: Nap Time

So what have we learned today, class? That Kylie can be super great at writing blog posts in advance, but is not so good at scheduling them! So today, as you may have noticed, is a twofer: onefer yesterday and onefer today. Thanks for indulging my crazies.

Maybe it just means that I need a nap. Fortunately, I found a great post on Mashable, originally published at The Jane Dough with a fab infographic (from The Daily Infographic; be still my heart) about the benefits—and trivia—of naps and napping. It also makes a case for businesses offering nap rooms to their employees. (Though, until it is condoned, I wouldn’t jump right into the idea.) Enjoy.

Click here for the super-long infographic!