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Funny Friday: Nap Time

So what have we learned today, class? That Kylie can be super great at writing blog posts in advance, but is not so good at scheduling them! So today, as you may have noticed, is a twofer: onefer yesterday and onefer today. Thanks for indulging my crazies.

Maybe it just means that I need a nap. Fortunately, I found a great post on Mashable, originally published at The Jane Dough with a fab infographic (from The Daily Infographic; be still my heart) about the benefits—and trivia—of naps and napping. It also makes a case for businesses offering nap rooms to their employees. (Though, until it is condoned, I wouldn’t jump right into the idea.) Enjoy.

Click here for the super-long infographic!


Funny Friday: Lunch n’ Learn

I have to let my brain rest for a bit or I’ll go insane. Today I’m pondering two of my loves, BLTs and Infographics.

The planets seemed to align when I found both my favorite sandwich and my current visual crush in one place. Thanks to webcomic Abstruse Goose for reading my mind.


Copyright Abstruse Goose. Check out the Goose’s other work here.

(A shout out also to Brenda’s Natural Foods, and Brenda’s chef Marguerite, who makes my favorite BLT of all time. Sprouted sourdough heaven.)

UPDATE: Many thanks to my friend Sam H., who subsequently brought this fabulousness to my attention.