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Live Blog: Funny Friday

Hey there, dear reader. Still here at Cinefest, and feeling more tired and drained than funny, but there you go.

Though Cinefest is a classic film festival, when most people think of film fêtes, they think of independent films and hipsters. So today’s selection is entitled “The Melted Mind of a Film Buff.”


As a classic film fan and one who works in a place that exhibits classic repertory films, my own melted brain is more a combination of flash title anxiety, Dippy Doo Dads, George O’Brien (sigh), abhorrence of slapstick comedy/mugging, silent movie scores, theatre organs, Frank Capra, and The “It” Girl, plus some smaller bits that haven’t been mapped yet.

What makes up your artistic and cultural brain?


Live Blog: Everything I Know About Development I Learned from the Movies

rexToday’s post comes to you live from Cinefest, Syracuse, New York’s classic film festival. I’ll be blogging from here through Sunday.

So this morning I watched a few items of interest, which reminded me that everything (well, most things anyway) that I know about development, and life in general, can be learned from watching classic movies.

From the mosquito “fight” scene in Summer Daze, with comedians Karl Dane and George K. Arthur, I learned that teamwork is a good idea, more often than not. Also, don’t ever assume; communication is key!

From The Pursuit of Happiness, a colonial period light comedy, I learned from Francis Lederer that keeping a positive attitude when it seems that things aren’t going your way will sustain you until things start to look up. And I learned from Charlie Ruggles that even when you want to shirk your duties, eventually you will have to face the music, and may even like it!

From Rex the Wonder Horse in Wild Beauty, I learned that you can still be a good leader and be by being assertive and being yourself.

Unfortunately, I didn’t learn much from the trailers, but they were entertaining.

I’m sure I learn some other lessons over the course of the weekend. What lessons have you learned from the movies?