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Magic Monday EXTRA: 7th Inning Stretch

“Magic Monday” posts help you start the week off right. Monday is a great day to review and regroup; if you set your mind to it, you can make this your best week yet. Thank gosh it’s Monday!

If I am working predominantly in the office on any given day, I often find myself looking up at the time to find that it is mid-afternoon and I have been sitting in pretty much the same position for several hours. Because my work environment is self-structured, I sometimes forget to take breaks and lunch if I am in the zone. Fortunately, on the days when I have off-site meetings or donor visits, I get a little more activity.

If you find yourself working diligently at your desk, taking the time to move and stretch would be good for you. The detriments of “sitting disease” can’t be overstated. Moving and refocusing is great for consistent productivity and helps prevent fatigue. The next time you need a short movement break, check out this video about stretches you can do in your office. (You can also read the accompanying article here.)

Do you have any favorite stretches that help you get through the day?